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We offer custom programming to computer networking.
They say in this world there is only one constant in this world, that, is change, so to stay ahead you need support from a partner that is constantly looking for new ideas and solutions that will benefit your company and business.

Firewall Installations
VPN Installations
Antivirus Installations and Training
Hardware and Software - Sales and Installation
Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, and XP
Website Design and Optimization
Custom Programming
Database Design
Microsoft Access
Visual Basic
Accounting Software
Job Cost and Construction Systems
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
On-Site Training
And, perhaps most importantly, Support

Here at Alpha Omega Consulting Group, we are constantly looking for ideas and solutions that help you and your company to run more efficiently and be more productive on a daily basis by providing support with a human voice and user friendly solutions that have proven track records. Whether you are a home computer user or a corporate office, Alpha Omega Consulting Group can help you create integrated solutions that make smoother running computers, offices and most important, employees. No matter if you are running Windows 95 or running the new Windows XP, we can help you find a solution.

Installing a network for the first time can be extremely daunting and frustrating, we can help co-ordinate cabling and integrate PC's and printers with each other on your own network as well as connecting them to other networks and/or the Internet if needed. Experienced in Windows 95, Windows 98, NT (Server and Workstation), Window 2000 and Windows XP along with Unix and Linux. In today's high speed internet we can also get your whole network on the internet, FAST!!! 
Alpha Omega Consulting Group now has links with a number of high speed Internet providers, so we can shop around ensuring you get the best price and service to fit your company, whether it is DSL or all the way up to T1 we can supply it. Alpha Omega Consulting Group has recently assisted a company make the transition from being dependant on another office for internet connectivity and email to a fully self-sufficient internet ready office complete with its own Lotus Notes server. In addition to all this transition we had trained various personnel on site how to carry out various admin tasks. Alpha Omega Consulting Group has also completed the overseeing of a DSL installation and integration into a network.

Computer hardware can be a nightmare for the unwary, not knowing exactly what to buy, where or when, look no further, we can source PC's to printers,  Servers to systems and all in between, along with comprehensive and independent advice on what exactly to buy, so if you are looking for hardware items we can source most items from our many suppliers, sometimes faster than you looking for it yourself. 
The same can be said about software, so if you are looking for software, the same advice can also be afforded to your software questions.

Alpha Omega Consulting Group can develop small business or corporate strength websites, the ultimate global marketing tool, Fitting in with your current corporate image or creating a new one we can develop the website of your choice and make it as elaborate as you would like. We can include Flash based animation on your site as needed.
What good is a website if no-one is seeing it? yes we can help with that too, by getting it registered and noticed by the major search engines increases business and revenue, remember a website is visible to the whole world, ever seen a "pages" book do that ??

We can advise on alternative solutions to common problems and write software to create applications in FoxPro, Visual Basic and Microsoft Access tailor made to your business. From simple Database design to complex applications no job is too large or too small.

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One last but by no means least thing we provide and pride ourselves in specifically is,

There are many computer and programming companies out there, but none come close to the support we offer our customers
No large times spent on hold, no traveling, no automated responders, just dedicated professionals willing to help YOU 
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